Gym-Rat Yoga!

For my clients that are more into lifting heavy and maxing out, I have found a way to sneak in yoga stretches while going for the burn!

Taking a moment to pause and check in with how the body is feeling before going into a heavy set will also make sure the muscles are working deeply instead of pushing through with momentum.

Mountain Pose on Leg Press

Before a set of leg press, take a moment to stretch arms overhead in Y shape. Use upper back muscles to pull down shoulders and take a moment to stretch and breathe. Lower arms back down and continue with set of leg press.


photo by @luzcanons


Figure 4 on Leg press “The Kozak”

This is one of my favorite  hip stretches created by one of my engineer clients who loves to invent new ways to approach challenges. Brainstorming during a session we came up with ways to use gentle  weight bearing machines and dumbbells to increase hip range of motion.

With a light weight cross one leg over other leg. Take a moment to pause.


photo by @luzcanons

Slowly start to bend supporting leg as far as your body allows. One side may be different than another. Do not force your body into a position, instead just notice the range of motion knowing every day is different. Hold for 10-30 seconds and then switch sides.


photo by @luzcanons





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