Bosu Burn!

When using props for yoga and pilates inspired movements, it is important to have mastered the mechanics without the prop first. The Bosu is a nice way to challenge muscles and balance once forms are mastered!


Cobra Tail single arm reach

Anchor lower body by pressing tops of feet into floor.

Thighs squeeze tight as if you only have one leg.

Hip press into Bosu ball below the midline of the ball.

Abdominals squeeze tight.

Alternate lifting one arm at a time.


photo by @luzcanons



Airplane with cobra tail

Keeping legs as anchor, lift both arms out to side


photo by: @luzcanons

Tail lift

Extend arm straight out shoulder width apart and press hands into ground

Lift both legs up no higher than hip height squeezing legs tight together


photo by @luzcanons


Side plank

Allow side of body to lengthen over Bosu

Legs squeeze tight together, side of bottom foot pressing into ground, toes pointed

Extend  bottom arm out straight pressing hand into ground

Reach top arm up stretching towards ceiling


photo by @luzcanons

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