Efficient Executive Workout

Time, efficiency and results are important when designing workouts for busy executives! Here is a quick circuit workout with one station!

With each exercise:

  • Take a moment to focus on the muscle you are working
  • Listen to your body, if you are feeling sensations of gripping or spasms in muscles or aching in joints stop!
  • Start with a lighter weight and build to heavier: pace yourself then push yourself safely

Seated Lat Pull Down (Inside grip)

Plant feet firmly into ground. Tighten core. Slowly lower weight towards shoulders and return to start position.


(photo by @luzcannons)

Plank on Bench

Plant forearms on bench shoulder width apart. Press forearms away from bench activating upper back muscles. Tighten abdominals.



(photo by @luzcannons)

Standing Pull Down 

Stand in squat position anchoring lower body and tightening abdominals. With inside grip lower arms down to shoulders keeping lower body still then return arms to straight position.


(photo by @luzcannons)


Lunge hold with opposite arm reach 

With one leg forward in static lunge position, reach opposite arm up for upper body pull down.


(photo by @luzcannons)

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