No EXCUSES! Gym bags-Blow Drys and Vanity Products!

Before we can find the “best workout” or ideal class there are still come obstacles in making working out a part of  our lifestyle. Here are some of the biggest obstacles I have heard over the years-and also used as excuses myself.


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EXCUSES: I forgot my gym clothes, my bag is too heavy to carry to work, I have too much to do in the morning.

SOLUTIONS: Do LAUNDRY.  Find a bag you like. Pack the night before.

Packing a gym back is kind of like step one in committing to a workout- especially if you are working out early morning or during the work day.  A packed gym bag says-ok fine I pretty much committed to the workout.  I sometimes have four outfits in a day between all the locations I go. One tip is to bring a plastic bag for sweaty clothes. Workout clothes can fold pretty compactly. I love Marie Kondo and her tips on folding clothes. Check out her tips below!


               THE HAIR DILEMMA


EXCUSE: I don’t want to mess up my hair.

SOLUTIONS:  Headbands and banana clips are great for blowouts. A good blow-dry will withstand a workout with a few touchups. This blow dry I got at 9am -taught 4 classes and attended my sons graduation at 7pm.  I have some fabulous ladies in my group classes that look amazing even after a sweaty workout. And if you know you want a hot yoga class or super sweaty run-plan the blow dry for after. If you have long hair plan out your hairstyles for the week. Ballet bun, braid, blow dry, etc.. Get a hair wrap, bandana-and keep it MOVING!

SKIN BREAKOUTS and Makeup Application 

Excuse: I don’t want to ruin my makeup. Sweating makes my skin breakout.

Solution: Plan out your skin routine and see a skin care specialist. A new lipstick, lash tint and brows brightens up any look!

We all have different skin types. In my twenties I had very bad acne and too many workouts and  harsh scrubs and washing exacerbated the condition. If I know I am going to sweat at noon, I save my face wash for after the workout as well as any makeup such as moisture with tint or mascara. In the morning I use clear balance pads for a basic clean, apply toner,sunscreen and lipgloss. After my workout I use a gentle foaming cleanser and moisturizer or moisture with tint if I want a more polished look. ( I love Laura Mercier).  If I sweat a bit more in the afternoon I will use the Clear Choice face pads again or oil control  blotting paper (Sephora) if I applied a moisture with tint. See a skin specialist, and find the skin care program that works for you. I love Clear Choice products for gentle non abrasive and clearing up breakouts. Eye lash tinting (at a spa)  is a great way to brighten the eyes and you don’t have to wear mascara for a few weeks!  If you are in Chicago I love Ambra Salon in the Gold Coast for brows and lashes.

Making workouts a part of LIFE STYLE is a great way to stay on track.  Yes, it takes preparation but the rewards are worth it!