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Bride: Paula Moreno

One of the things I love so much about my job is sharing life events with people I work with. Bridal workouts are one my favorite programs to design because it is such a special day and allows workouts to show the body in a feminine, graceful way. My grandmother was a fashion designer so I am very familiar with measurements and the making of a dress that fits well, and looks beautiful for the special day. Sculpting a feminine, sleek physique for an elegant dress is such a joy!

Here are some of my wedding dress workout tips I have learned over the years!

Don’t Lose Too Much Weight!

Crash diets are NOT the way to go. Absolutely do not go on a drastic diet. Whatever program you choose-ask yourself if you can maintain it realistically for the next two to three years.  I have have worked with brides who have gained weight back in one week on the HONEYMOON. It is easy to gain weight back quickly but it takes much, much LONGER to lose it again.


If a client calls me and says-I did not sleep last night so I will be a little tired for our workout my response is:  No you won’t because we are not working out. Sleep is so important for health.  Planning a wedding takes lots of time and energy. Sleep first-workout second.


As the time gets closer to the big day there may be more festivities with family and old friends. Spend time with family and friends over an hour workout with a trainer. It takes ten minutes to do some arm sculpting push-ups-that family member who flew across the country to see you is way more important.

Workout with your Groom!

I have so much fun training couples getting ready for their big day! If time is crunched and maybe a little stressful-why not plan some movement together? Go for a walk, take a class or workout with a trainer!

Vanity Sculpt

So we have to get to the vanity talk. Dresses are expensive and tailoring is an art form. I have gone to bridal fittings to talk with the seamstress about all the details of the dress. 1/8th of an inch gained or lost in certain areas can ruin how the dress lays. In my experience-do not build up the  upper back area with heavy lifting such as maxing out Lat Pull Downs-unless this has been a part of your consistent training program.  My technique is a mixture of yoga, pilates and dance technique for a sculpted, sleek back. (Exercise blog to follow).

Have FUN!


Get a good music playlist, a group of friends and HAVE FUN! I love choreographing wedding dances or just working out with the bride in high heels to break in the shoes!

Mindfulness in the Moment 

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment without worrying about the past or future. Savor the experience of the wedding day by being full present and embrace your new life AFTER the wedding with the same moment to moment awareness and joy!


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