Executive Express Workout

Even though we have an amazing gym with lots of machines, I like to design workouts for executives using just a wall, chair or bench so the exercises may be done anytime any place!

Traveling? NO EXCUSES! All you need is a wall for a total body core alignment tune up!

Kneeling Table Top with WALL

target: strengthen core, total body alignment, stabilize hips (side), stretch hips (front), activate upper back. 


  • Kneel arms length away from wall. hands under shoulders. Knees under hips.
  • Extend one arm up to shoulder height and press hand into wall while extending opposite leg straight back.
  • Hold 15-30 seconds and switch sides resting as needed. Repeat up to 4 rounds


Opposite arm Opposite Leg with Wall

target: strengthen core, stretch upper back, activate upper back, tone arms, release tension wrists, elbows, neck, stabilize hips. 



  • Lye on mat forearms length away from wall.
  • Bring one arm up bent overhead allowing hand to press into wall if body allows. Allow opposite arm to rest on ground close to side extended straight and encouraging shoulder to roll back to press as close to ground as body allows.
  • Relax neck and shoulders and initiate strength from upper back as hand presses into wall.
  • If body allows, bring opposite leg up bent to 90 degrees.
  • Hold 15-30 seconds and switch sides. Rest and stretch as needed.  Repeat up to 4 rounds.


Seal Pose with WALL: toe tap, knee tap

target: core, inner thighs, pelvic floor, hips, upper body. 


  • Lye on mat forearms length away from wall.
  • Bring both arms up to press into wall.
  • Bring both legs up 90 degrees.
  • Bring toes together keeping knees open and squeezing inner thighs. Hold 5-10 seconds.
  • Bring knees together inwardly rotating and continuing to squeeze inner thighs. Hold 5 -10 seconds.
  • Repeat toe tap and knee tap as body allows for 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Dolphin Pose with Bench to thread the needle 

target: core, upper back stretch and range of motion, upper back stabilty, spine stretch, hamstring stretch. 



  • Using a bench  allow forearms to press into bench shoulder width apart while encouraging hips up towards ceiling to stretch spine. Hold 13-30 seconds as body allows.
  • Bring one arm down and reach across towards opposite arm ” thread the needle”, stretching the upper back for 3- 5 seconds , then return to forearm position taking a moment to pause before switching to other side.
  • Repeat threading the needle for 30 seconds-1 minute resting and stretching as needed.


Remember to listen to your body and consult a fitness professional for form!

S-M-I-L-E !

R : )




Re-defining Mom Arms!

True story..when my son was three he grabbed the back of my arm better know as the tricep area and squeezed the fat as he hugged my arm. “I don’t like the hard parts of you like your legs,” he said. “I like the FATTY parts.”  As he squeezed my triceps he re-named the softer part of me:  mommy fat, mommy fat mommy fat, which he liked to sing every time he hugged my arms.

Before mother hood, anyone pointing out anything “fat” on me would have sent me to tears. My son redefined fat as soft and nurturing and comforting teaching me that we are more than HOW we look, we are how we feel and how we love.

Whenever I train new moms I share this story. Life changes when you become a mother and so may priorities and perspectives. Ironically I have found that the more I focus on how I feel versus how I look the happier I am.

Here are some of my fave Mom Arm exercises to tone up AND feel good modeled by new mom Danica McGreal.



Arms wider than shoulder width apart

Change up pushup speed and range of motion:

Slow on way down, fast on way up. Fast on way down, slow on way up

Pause half way down and hold. Pause half way down and pulse




Butt touching wall for stability with slight hinge at hips

Keep core tight while rowing arms up



Allow the mid back to stretch is important for moms carrying babies and breast feeding

Lower body is anchored with top of feet pressing into ground while squeezing glutes

Feet hip width distance (or whatever distance feels best for your body)

Arms extended forward pressing forearms into foam roller, thumbs pointing up towards ceiling

Allow head to be neutral, finding the form that feels best for your neck



Draw elbows back towards body allowing chest to lift off of ground

Hold for two counts and return to stretch position



Back pressed against wall arms to side

Feet forward two steps, hip width apart

Reach arms to side stretching overhead in a letter Y shape and return arms back down to side



Bosu Burn!

When using props for yoga and pilates inspired movements, it is important to have mastered the mechanics without the prop first. The Bosu is a nice way to challenge muscles and balance once forms are mastered!


Cobra Tail single arm reach

Anchor lower body by pressing tops of feet into floor.

Thighs squeeze tight as if you only have one leg.

Hip press into Bosu ball below the midline of the ball.

Abdominals squeeze tight.

Alternate lifting one arm at a time.


photo by @luzcanons



Airplane with cobra tail

Keeping legs as anchor, lift both arms out to side


photo by: @luzcanons

Tail lift

Extend arm straight out shoulder width apart and press hands into ground

Lift both legs up no higher than hip height squeezing legs tight together


photo by @luzcanons


Side plank

Allow side of body to lengthen over Bosu

Legs squeeze tight together, side of bottom foot pressing into ground, toes pointed

Extend  bottom arm out straight pressing hand into ground

Reach top arm up stretching towards ceiling


photo by @luzcanons