Yes you can workout at the office without sweating- and even get a laugh or two in with your co-workers! We had so much fun today teaching our new class RELAX AND RELEASE with the Student Services department at Truman College.  RELAX AND RELEASE uses various size balls such as tennis, golf and lacrosse,to apply the right amount of pressure releasing tension in the feet, hamstrings, glutes, upper back and shoulders. We then use range of motion exercises to unlock stiff joints followed by breathing techniques to destress and encourage relaxation.

Christina Fischer and I designed the program very organically after many long brainstorm ,exchange sessions trying to find the right program to help clients activate muscles, release knots and feel good. What better place than the office to take a break and energize!

Christina demonstrates applying pressure to tight hamstrings and allowing the muscles to release


Paola Peleaz refreshed and ready to return back to work


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