Weight Loss Surprise !


My friend Bellyn had a SURPRISE weight loss. On a recent physical she found that “without trying” she had lost thirty pounds in one year. By not obsessing or following an extreme diet,  she found a middle place of making small lifestyle changes that were realistic and sustainable.

Now Bellyn and I are working to sculpt and tone by  adding  daily movement to her routine with exercises that can be done at home or office.

What are some of Bellyn’s lifestyle changes?

Add fuel that nourishes! 

Bellyn has added lots of veggies to her diet by juicing. She brings her hand held juicer to work and blends beets, cucumbers and other veggies.

Notice how your body FEELS after eating.

Bellyn noticed that certain food choices lead to a headache or fatigue. Pausing to notice how the  body FEELS may help with choosing snacks and meals.

Positive self talk.

Bellyn gives herself her own pep talk using positive, kind language reinforcing habits and reminding herself of her goal: improved health. “You can have money or a nice home, but really my health is the most important thing to me.”

Drink more water.

Pure and simple. Hydrate and drink water over non-beneficial beverages with added sugar, preservatives or other ingredients.

I am so happy for Bellyn and her health journey! Incorporating lifestyle and habit changes little by little really pays off!