LOWER BODY CORE foundation strength 

This class works the lower body and core with total body strength moves to build a strong foundation. Working from the ground  up using weights, bands, and body weight we will test balance and stability  while targeting the lower body  and pushing muscles to fatigue at a pace that works for each individual.

SUS_1489-2 (1)

UPPER BODY  fat burn 

Total body weight bearing postures and movement focusing on the upper body to get the heart rate up in the fat burning zone while building upper body strength.


UPPER BODY  sleek stretch tone

Recover from lower body foundation strength days with postures that stretch and tone the lower body while working the upper body with weights and bands.


LOWER BODY CORE sculpt and lengthen

Increased balance, stability and strength from the foundation strength class allows the body to work deeper with range of motion and resistance exercises, creating long lines and sculpted muscles.


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