Fitness Fashion Divas are made by….. Grandmothers!

I’m super excited to be in this months issue of Women’s Health for Street Style! My fashion diva grandmother would be proud!


Growing up fashion and femininity was a staple in our family. I had my first custom dress made at age five for my uncles wedding by my fashion designer grandmother Delia.  I grew up thinking it was incredibly normal to draw a picture of what you wanted to wear and then have it made for you after of course carefully picking out the fabrics you wanted and being fitted over and over again. At age five my grandmother and I felt fabric together running our fingers against it to see if we liked the touch  and feel, layered pieces over pieces to get the right look and held different colors against my skin.

It was at age five I also knew that high heels were amazing and I could stand up and fight for what I wanted to wear. The custom dress came to right at my heels so my mother wanted me to wear a very flat ballet slipper shoe whereas I wanted to wear a slightly lifted shoe like my sister. This was not my first hysterical tantrum by any means but it was my first fashion tantrum as my grandmother fought with my father over if it was ok if I wore a little heel and I sobbed and sobbed as if my life was over.

Over the years my grandmother made many outfits and fought with my father over how fitted they were. Our bible study group leaders insisted young ladies wear long skirts so my grandmother and I designed a long skirt with a high slit and pom-pom tassels covering the slit so the sexiness was hinted at but not shown. When low cut shirts were not an option my grandmother and I designed the most perfectly tailored halter top with a crisp collar cut sharply to show lots of shoulders but no cleavage and fabulous gold buttons all the way from the neck to the bottom of the top.


With a career in fitness and living in workout clothes I have found a Delia Diva way to sass up my style with fun tops that I can wear to the gym, dinner or salsa dancing. Most of my gym outfits can be transformed into going out wear with a pair of heels!

So for my Diva Delia Abuela, here is the                         Street Style outfit with heels!



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