A-B-C Results!

Results as simple as…….A-B-C!


Above is a client who lost 21 lbs in four months following a balanced, consistent, workout plan making mindful eating choices. She was still able to indulge in weekend fun with friends and stayed on track during the holidays!

Here are some tips in choosing and sticking to a fitness program that will give you long term results!



Take an honest account of your current health and fitness state.

Do you have any injuries? Are you getting enough sleep? What lifestyle choices, patterns and habits would you like to improve on? Do certain food choices give you energy or make you feel sluggish? Do you have any food cravings and if so what time of day?

Start being aware of how your body feels while eating certain foods and before, during, and after exercise. Make choices that make you feel strong and energized! Listen to your body!


How will you hold yourself accountable to a program? For some signing up for a month unlimited of a group class or personal training session is enough to stay motivated. Others motivated by socializing might invite a friend to do a workout video or attend a gym class. Many fitness apps also have communities of friends to help motivate.



The best program is a balanced one. Does it fit into your schedule and allow for a balanced lifestyle including sleep, work, socializing?

Does the program include a well rounded repertoire of cardio,strength, stretch and recovery? Does it work all body parts and correct imbalances or does it work only certain body parts over and over again?


Does the program allow you to incrementally build a strong foundation or does it expect you to go from sedentary to jump squats?

When it gets too easy, does the program build and  progress or does it remain the same?



Your body loves you but can also act like a tantrum- throwing- toddler if you are not CONSISTENT. If you are not currently following a consistent workout program it is better to work out 15 minutes every day than an hour here and there. The best way to speed up your metabolism and lose weight is to be consistent with eating, sleeping, and exercising!


We are so lucky to live in a culture with so many choices. However if we don’t make a choice we won’t get results. Weigh your options and pick a program!

Here are my favorite choices to stay on track!

Class Pass is a great way to sample local classes and decide if you would like to join a workout studio.


My Fitness Pal is a great app to take an honest look at how many calories and fat grams you are consuming on a daily basis.


The Firm workout videos are great for a well rounded, balanced, approachable workout showing different modifications for all levels.


Listen to your body. Follow a balanced program. Be consistent.

                       Smile at your hard earned results!!!

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