Countdown to 40!

have been talking about my countdown to 40 for a few years now. I talk about it so frequently that my youngest sister thought I was already forty and my niece called me FIFTY the other day.

by then time I’m forty, when I’m forty, for my fortieth birthday…on and on and on I go!

Today I turn 39 wooohoooooo!!!!! Which means I officially start my countdown to 40 year! My countdown goal for the year is to live each day on purpose reflecting on the wonderful gifts I have picked up along the way from the people and experiences who have shaped me so I can be my best self.

When I think of forty I think of the women in my life that I admire and pieces of them that I hope to be like.


snippets of some ladies in mi vida……

My aunt Neyda aka“disco auntie”  moved to New York .When I turned 21 I went to visit her-and she out danced me in the Boogie Down Bronx sweeping me off to concerts and VIP parties with Tito Puentes and Celia Cruz. From that day I wanted to be a classy, dancing rock star!

My aunt Zulma the original fitness and fashion queen would wake me up at 5am to do workout videos before school. She had so much determination and strength. She also had a flair for fashion and would sketch stylish dresses for me for my grandmother to make. Zulma had a huge part in boosting my confidence, self esteem and sparking what would be my career path.

My auntie Myrna the sage with a laugh would have me in stitches sitting around the kitchen table as we talked about life -between massaging hands, filing nails, and combing hair. Any time I would worry about life Myrna would fret worries away with a laugh and a joke putting everything in perspective. No crying over boys with Tia Myrna!

Of course my mother  I can only hope to emulate her absolute unconditional love and pure spirit raising six kids. My mom would put Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker to shame and on top of it never aging a day in her life and having more energy than all of us put together.

So here is my mini list of things I would like to accomplish my #countdowntoforty year!

Bachelor Pad to Cozy Home

True story- my son and I have glass water jugs in our fridge with our initials that we drink out of straight from the fridge. My mom would be completely ecstatic if she came over and we drank out of glasses and had enough silverware for all guests!

Finish projects

I have bins of unfinished writing projects: novels, sitcoms, screen plays, short stories.  Time to dust off the 15 years of work in progress- and complete one at a time.

Push myself athletically

While fitness is my job I can get a bit complacent and not challenge myself. Wouldn’t it be fun if I could do a back-walkover on the balance beam like when I was 15?


Family First

Time goes by so fast. Often people talk about no regrets pursuing dreams. As my son gets older and my nieces and nephews are finding their talents-I would regret not spending more time with them to watch them experience life.


Embrace my diva

Always in workout clothes, my adorable niece has requested I not pick her up from school in pajamas even if I don’t care what other people think and I am the least narcissistic person she knows. While I try not to be overly superficial there is nothing wrong with embracing my diva!This year I think it is time to update my wardrobe, look like a grown up and maybe dab on a little lipstick from time to time!


I am looking forward to a great year of positive improvements as I approach my BIG 4-0!!!!


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