Changing Workouts with Seasons of Life

Our workout seasons may change throughout our life in long phases, throughout the year, or even every month!

I started doing workout video tapes when I was 14 years old loving the way exercising made me feel, and feeling inspired to choreograph my own routines. Yo-yo dieting in my late teens led to a weight gain of 30 lbs. I exercised 2 hours a day and consumed under 1,000 calories a day but kept gaining weight because the yo-yo back put my body in starvation mode storing fat. Learning how to treat my body with kindness and follow a balanced plan with consistency allowed me to find my formula for a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating and moderate exercise. It took me two years to re-spark my metabolism and when I did I was able to maintain my healthy weight and enjoy food even during and after pregnancy.

There is not one secret workout formula that will work the best. The key is finding a safe program YOU enjoy and will be able to maintain with consistency long term. If you get bored change it up! Balance and Consistency is key.


Age 9 (second from right lifting my brother)

Gymnastics, climbing trees, playing outdoors.



Pic below left age 18

Workout: Group workout classes: cardio step, cardio funk. The Firm workout videos.





Early 20’s

Workout: Walking, playing with toddler, dance classes.

Some days I would walk up to 9 miles a day, not because I was “working out” but because I was enjoying time with my son exploring the city. I dreamed of being a professional dancer but felt I was too old so enjoyed taking dance classes for fun.




Late 20’s early 30’s

Workout: Weights, Running

As a personal trainer I enjoyed weight workouts brain storming routines and formulas that would help others get results. I used my dance class background to incorporate dance technique with weights. Running was  a way for me to destress and have time for myself. I liked the adrenaline rush that came from running. I felt strong and energized and ignored any “pain” in joints feeling invincible.






Late 30’s

Workout: Yoga, dance, alignment

Injuries from over-exercising and gymnastics led me to focus on alignment  working with physical therapists and chiropractors to understand my body better. Yoga felt good on my joints and I felt relaxed and stretched like I had just got a massage.  My body actually felt better in my late 30’s than my late 20’s because I was listening and respecting my body with kindness. Running no longer felt good on my knees, yet dancing felt great on my whole body energizing me mentally and physically. I no longer felt “too old” to dance! I danced to feel good and no longer focused on how I looked. I practiced yoga taking time for my mind and body.



Workout: Meditation (mind workout), Mindful Movement, Dance, Yoga, Walking

In my late 30’s approaching 40 I found myself “working out” less and finding time for stillness and meditation. I found that if I was aware of my body all day with mindful movement I felt better as opposed to not thinking about it all day and rushing to yoga class stressed out.




I am not 80 yet! I read once in a yoga magazine to picture yourself at 80. What do you want to be doing? How will you spend your time? Once you have a clear picture of yourself in your mind spend time in the present nurturing your eighty year old self. Granted there are things we can not control, the mental exercise is simply  reminder to be kind to yourself and open to all possibilities. When I am eighty I picture myself teaching yoga on a beach during the day and salsa dancing at night! I will be wearing long ,flowy skirts and fuchsia lipstick-smiling at my laugh lines and thanking my feet for carrying me through the journey of life!

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