How to get a Dancer Body

Dance technique  and barre inspired workout classes have become very popular- and understandably so as dancers are known for lean muscles and strength.  There is however one very important ingredient in achieving the ultimate dancer physique….




the ingredient is…


Workout toning classes inspired  by dance technique cover a very small element of dancing. If you wish to achieve a dancer body by attending such a class you will also have to add: low fat dieting, lots of cardio, stretching and massage to relieve tight muscles from repetitively  working the same “vanity” muscles over and over again.

Professional dancers practice and practice routines sometimes over 20 hours a week contorting the body in different positions so the body is strong, flexible, fluid, balanced and aligned becoming a fine tuned tool to express a choreographed, expression-ate art form-similar to how a guitar creates music and paintbrushes create paintings.

Dance practice is over and over and over again until muscle memory is created and the dance becomes as second nature as breathing. Dance is an art form and technique- exercise is only one element involved which allows the body to become a tool to create the visual art.

That being said, if we are to follow dance inspired workouts they must-must-must include a well rounded repertoire of balance, range of motion,cardio conditioning and of course PASSION and LOVE for movement and dance! We can’t just do a million thigh pulses- we actually have to move across the floor and DANCE!

I say this not to discourage dance inspired workouts, of course I am biased and believe dancing is the best workout for life.  The secret though is to focus on actually dancing not HOW the body will look.  I have many dancer friends in many shapes and sizes and the best dancers practice with  discipline, love and passion respecting their body as a tool of expression.

Here are some  Chicago area dance studios offering great cardio dance and  conditioning classes!


Latin Rhythms

Summer Slim Down

Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center

Adult ballet and Trampoline

Ruth Page

Afro Cuban, Be Moved, Adult Hip-Hop

Hubbard Street 

Be Moved, Club Cardio, Pialtes



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