Get FLAVOR Out of Your Fuel!

photo 1 Many people don’t know that I actually struggled with my weight for many years. I began yo-yo dieting at a young age which lead not to weight loss but instead weight GAIN and emotional frustration. How could I eat so little and keep gaining weight?

(click below for weight loss story)

Research and putting into effect healthy lifestyle changes allowed me to get my metabolism back, and increased energy leading me to a career in fitness!


While I don’t promote dieting, I do encourage research, and healthy lifestyle choices that serve each individuals best self.  I have developed a class with Christina Fischer on How to FUEL your body with FLAVOR!

Week one we will cover:

  • What is our process for choosing meals?
  • Why we eat what we eat
  • What FUEL will give us nutrients and energy
  • How to make practical flavorful choices with fast food and on the go!

I am super excited to provide balanced information that can help others reach their health and fitness goals and GET FLAVOR out of FUEL!

define your GOAL. define your BODY. define your LIFE.


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