workout season CHANGE

As the weather changes I like to change things up to evaluate my workout program. Here are some self evaluation check ins  I use to design well rounded programs for myself and others!

What are you doing for STRESS-RELIEF?

One of the benefits of working out is STRESS RELIEF! What type of movement makes  you feel energized, smile, laugh, let go?  What makes you feel relaxed , restored, calm? If you love being outdoors, take a walk outside at lunch. If you have not had enough sleep  grab an eye mask and take a nap or  a quiet time out. Pick your favorite song and have a daily dance party to let go!  Try a new class  with a friend!


My fall fun stress relief:

MSA CIRCUS ARTS  Adult Handstand Class


Checking in with how your body is feeling each day is important to prevent injury as well as be able to push muscles safely in an athletic or strength program.  Spending 10 minutes every day surveying the body head to toe with joint rotations, stretching and range of motion will bring awareness to the body and improve overall alignment.

STRENGTH to build lean muscle

As we age we lose lean muscle and bone density so we have to do MORE not less strength training.

My fall strength change it up: Choosing a body part each day to push to fatigue with STATIC HOLD STRENGTH increasing time in holds.


Heart Health 

We often think of cardio as a way to burn fat. Working the heart with cardio is important for heart health, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Interval spurts, brisk walking, cycling are all great ways to work the heart!

My fall change it up cardio: See how fast I can run a mile at the end of the month and training with cardio intervals. Trying a new class!


Daily core work is important to improve posture. Once the core is activated and turned on, being aware of how we use the core during the day will also be beneficial.

Always remember to listen to your body and use modifications when necessary.

My parents started this 30 day plank challenge. Having a goal and accountability is a fun way to stay motivated and get results!

30 Day Plank Challenge

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