Get your DAILY DOSE!


DSC03941Many people tell me they prefer to take a break from workouts and goals this time of year and “start up again in the new year”. The reason? Time. Too much temptation with parties and festivities.

While working out with a trainer 2-3 days a week is great, my clients get MORE results if they workout on their own consistently 10-15 minutes a day. Daily spurts of exercise  set the precedent of health for the day, boost the metabolism, increase energy and mood.

Of course the right combination of exercises is very important as well, which is where  I come in! I love designing customized 10 minute workout spurts to meet each individuals goals. Many are surprised at how efficiently you can work the body when you carve out the time to do so!

Below is a sample custom workout focusing on alignment targeting the glutes and core. For more information on designing your DAILY DOSE workout email :


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