Stay in Shape over Summer!

Summer is not the time to throw in the towel with workouts! Yes-we may have more outdoor festivals with drinking and barbecues so it might seem easier to enjoy the summer and start up again in the fall. Fitting in  30-45 minute total body toning workouts are efficient and will actually GIVE you more energy to have fun!

Here is a super set sequence we will be using this week for our  STAY IN SHAPE OVER SUMMER 3 week program!

(Developed with Christina Fischer)

1. Activate the CORE

Activating the core is a great way to start workout to be sure you are using the core while doing total body moves for the rest of your workout!



Push back through heels while lengthening ribcage forward to create a tug if war sensation allowing center to kick in and work!

Side Plank


Adding variations such as one leg up will activate the hips with the core.

2.Stretching with Movement and Motion


Side lunge with opposite arm reach will stretch the body with range of motion while getting heart rate up and fire the glute and hip muscles.

3. Burn it out!

Target one body part and burn it out!


Tricep dip with one leg up.

4. Sleek-Sculpt-Stretch

Total body moves using balance and high repetition will lengthen body and create sleek muscles while staying in fat burning zone!


Balancing on leg with arms to side (can be done without bar) lengthen other leg to 10 O’clock position, return to start and lengthen leg to 2 O’clock position.


DSC01177 (1)

Enjoy a good recovery stretch and thank your body for taking the time energize and STAY IN SHAPE OVER SUMMER!

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