Group Workout SCHEDULE at HERE

September 10th-October 26th 

Monday 1:00pm-1:45pm Pilates with Ring 

Tuesday11:45-12:30pm HIIT with Step 

Wednesday 1:00pm-1:45pm  Power Pilates with Bands 

Thursday 11:45am-12:30pm HIIT  Floor 


Class Descriptions 

Pilates with Ring 

Set the tone for the week by activating and aligning  muscles incorporating balance moves, stretching and resistance. Focusing on upper and lower body muscles groups using free weights and body weight. Class ends with recovery stretches.

HIIT with Step 

Get the heart rate up using a step as well as movement across the room. Body weight exercises and weights will challenge muscles at your intensity of choice.

Power Pilates with Bands 

Get the heart rate up with total body movement initiating from the core while using: bosu ball, resist a ball, medicine ball and bands. Pilates based core exercises will encourage range of motion while sculpting long, lean muscles.

 HIIT Floor 

Spurts of cardio followed by intervals of total body strength moves will get the heart rate up while building lean muscle. Go at the pace that works for you! Modifications and choices offered.

 “Moderation-Balance-Consistency= Long Term Results”Rebekah